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Article: How to highlight small spaces with wallpaper?

Comment mettre en valeur les petits espaces grâce au papier peint ?

How to highlight small spaces with wallpaper?

It's no secret: small rooms are a real headache to arrange and decorate. We therefore often choose the easy way by leaving the walls white, and accessorizing as best we can. Yes, but our decor ends up looking like that of a model house. Today, Edito Paris reveals its tips for beautifying your small spaces using wallpaper alone.

The choice of wallpaper: the eternal debate

The big advantage of panoramic wallpaper is its ability to be adapted according to your desires. Do you want to green your interior? Our wallpaper with delicate foliage “Pope's Mint ” is undoubtedly what you need. Do you want a designer touch ? The lush black and white wallpaper is made for you. Do you want to bring softness and originality to a decor that is a little too conservative? The “Abstract Thought” wall decor is there for that.

When it comes to wallpaper, there are endless options available to you. You can choose to remain sober with white or gray, slightly textured wallpapers, or on the contrary prefer colorful patterns. Another alternative: panoramic wallpaper. The latter has the particularity of representing an XXL version illustration. It is therefore often placed on a large section of wall and can quickly change the general atmosphere of a room.

Panoramic wallpaper is also one of our favorite decorating tips because it brings character to your interior without having to change the entire decor... and as surprising as it may seem, giant patterns tend to visually enlarge small rooms . You must of course go about it sparingly and only cover one of the walls of your mini-room, but the result is truly stunning.

Night wallpaper and rooms

Sometimes cramped, especially if they are in the attic, sleeping rooms can be a real nightmare to decorate. Our tip is precisely to take advantage of the particularities of these spaces. For example, you can install terracotta or yellow wallpaper to highlight the slope of the roof or the exposed beams. In 2023, it's decided, we enhance the small defects of the pieces instead of camouflaging them.

If your bedroom is not particularly atypical, add some character to it with a custom-made headboard made by yourself. To do this, nothing could be simpler: all you need to do is cover the wall behind your bed with ultra-trendy wallpaper and that's it. For the most successful effect we recommend marble wallpaper, its flowery version or even green wallpaper, a color conducive to falling asleep.

Wallpaper and living rooms

The feeling of running out of space is a recurring subject when it comes to living spaces. To permanently eliminate this feeling, you can play with perspective by installing wallpaper in strategic places such as in an alcove, on an attic wall, or around your fireplace. Conversely, avoid wallpapering the wall at the very end of a hallway, which would give the impression that it is endless. In terms of colors and patterns, this time we recommend black or gray wallpaper, or panoramic wall decor which will undoubtedly bring depth to your room.

You can also use wallpaper to demarcate spaces or structure a room. In this case, opt for imposing patterns like panoramic wallpapers. If you prefer plain colors, choose characterful shades, for example with Klein blue wallpaper.

Wallpaper and bathrooms

How to talk about small spaces without addressing the case of water features. The best option to enhance them without cluttering them up is once again to use wallpaper. At first glance, you might say that with humidity, this idea is not very bright, but think again. Many wallpapers today are specially designed to be installed in damp spaces.

The only rule to remember this time is to avoid large areas of dark colors. For the rest, let your inventiveness speak for itself. You can opt for soft shades with terracotta wallpaper, or turn to a more offbeat decoration with original wallpaper. If you don't have too many ideas, a panoramic plant wallpaper will do the trick!

Last mini-room: the toilets. If they are in your bathroom, you can play with contrasts and install patterned wallpaper to highlight this space. If they are separate, our advice is to put patterned wallpaper from floor to ceiling. An original way to highlight this small space that is often deprived of decoration.

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