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Creating and decorating, but not at any price...

Our commitments

Since its launch, Edito has been committed to human and environmental values: with a son affected by autism, the founder of Edito is particularly sensitive to the professional integration of people with disabilities.

This is why our company works with a logistics centre that employs disabled people, a way of giving everyone a chance to develop both professionally and addition, in order to protect the planet as much as possible, our production favours short circuits and sustainable development.

... Our Rugs ...

Made in Belgium, the rugs in the Antidote collection are made from polypropylene, a highly resistant material that uses very little water in its manufacture. Edito chose to use this material because it is 100% recyclable.

Our woollen rugs and kilims are handmade from natural fibres in India in workshops that the founder has personally selected for their respect for the environment and labour rights (care and fare and Iso label).

Finally, unlike those who offer carpets on demand, Edito limits itself to two maritime transports per year in order to reduce its carbon footprint. In this logic, all our carriers are ThinkGreen labeled.

... Our Wallpapers ...
... Our Wallpapers ...

... Our Wallpapers ...

Designed in our Paris studios, they are made in France, in the Maine-et-Loire region.

The paper used is FSC-certified, an environmental label that guarantees sustainable forest management. None of our printed matter contains PVC, and our inks are eco-labelled and certified free of VOCs and heavy metals.

We produce to order, to avoid obsolete stock and excessive production.