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Article: How to use wallpaper to create a unique atmosphere in your home?

Comment utiliser le papier peint pour créer une ambiance unique dans votre maison ?

How to use wallpaper to create a unique atmosphere in your home?

To change the interior ambiance of your cocoon in no time, wallpaper is undoubtedly the best solution. It will bring warmth to your living rooms, character to your bedroom or even pep to your bathroom. Discover our favorite styles and tips to think a little off the beaten path.

The great return of plants

This year more than ever, the trend is plant-based. We proudly display our love for our dear friends the plants through imposing plant compositions or wall and floral decorations like our wallpaper with delicate foliage "Pope's Mint" , the panoramic luxuriance , or the wallpaper terracotta “Parafleur” . To counterbalance this explosion of greenery, we turn to furniture in wood, rattan or wicker, and we choose decoration in soft colors. Natural linen curtains, jute rugs, raw clay vase… a true ode to the pure beauty of nature.

Industrial chic

When it comes to trendy decor, here’s one that’s all the rage. A perfect blend of modernity and authenticity, industrial chic takes up the codes of New York lofts and wows us. To transform your interior in no time, you will need furniture combining wood and metal, a leather sofa, metal pendant lights... and wallpaper with character! Our advice: opt for black, dark gray or burgundy wallpaper, or turn to imitation brick, dark wood or even polished concrete papers.

The eclectic style

Contrary to what one might think, eclectic style is not at all a way of justifying a lack of taste. The principle is to bet everything on a few strong pieces, like a very flashy red sofa, or a vintage sideboard, then to build your entire decor around them, mixing styles, periods and materials. It’s a great way of expressing yourself for the most creative among us. It is also the perfect style to highlight an original wallpaper. This time, we choose panoramic wallpapers that we place over the entire surface of a wall, then we ensure that the rest of the furniture enhances it. You can also let yourself be seduced by the patchwork trend by multiplying the touches of wallpaper on the same wall, then by demarcating the different styles using wooden sticks.

The mix & match trend

You can't decide among the multitude of models offered... what if you let yourself be tempted by the mix of styles? At first glance, you might say that it's a sure mistake in taste, but make no mistake, it's very fashionable! Of course, not all wallpapers are good to match. Here are some little tips so you don't miss out.

First define the desired effect. Do you want to enlarge the room, enhance its atypical side or even add warmth? The layout and choice of wallpaper have a real impact on the visual appearance of a room. Light shades will tend to make it more spacious and bright while warm colors or XXL patterns will give it character and a more intimate side.

Next, pay attention to the ground. To perfectly achieve the makeover of your rooms using wallpaper, you must take into account the covering of your floor. If it is natural stones, choose plain wallpapers or simple patterns. Stone is indeed already a very strong visual element and combining it with very busy wallpaper could considerably weigh down the room. If, on the other hand, your floor is covered with neutral tiles, you can afford absolutely anything. Finally, if you have dark parquet, our tip is to combine it with light terracotta paper or any other pastel color. The contrast between dark floors and light walls will bring out the beauty of your room in no time... and what's more, it's a very trendy pairing!

Finally, prefer wallpapers from the same color family in order to create a certain harmony. In case of very different wallpapers, you can also decide to divide your wall in two. The upper part will be covered with the largest or most original paper, for example a panoramic wallpaper, and the upper part will be dedicated to the second paper. If you're not very sure about the match, you can always use a plain and/or textured wallpaper for the bottom of the wall. Yellow, green, white or black wallpaper will always do the trick. The important thing is that the second wallpaper enhances the first.

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