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Article: The high-end contemporary rug for a modern interior

Le tapis contemporain haut de gamme pour un intérieur moderne

The high-end contemporary rug for a modern interior

If you're looking to add a modern touch to your interior, a high-end contemporary rug can be the perfect centerpiece. Quality rugs are indeed excellent accessories for creating your own tailor-made decor. With its wide variety of designs, textures, shades and prices, this type of product has the particularity of being available (almost) infinitely and therefore goes easily with all styles of decoration.

Whether you are a fan of minimalism, Scandinavian style, a specialist in ethnic or even a bohemian atmosphere, the contemporary rug will easily find its place in your home. In order to make it coexist as best as possible with the rest of your decoration, two options are available to you: choose a high-end rug with clean lines and neutral shades in order to respect a certain guideline in terms of colors and patterns, or on the contrary opt for a quality rug, more imposing in terms of style (and why not size), and make it one of the strong pieces of your interior. In both cases, the contemporary rug remains the basis of the decoration and will succeed, brilliantly, in enhancing the general decoration of your rooms in no time, while giving it a touch of luxury.

contemporary wool rug from the Edito brand

How to choose the right rug?

Regarding the choice of carpet, it is above all a question of taste and favorites. If you don't have the slightest idea of ​​the style of rug you need, here is a good basis that might be able to guide you: the 2023 decorating trends.

Trendy shades

In terms of colors, it's the big return of colors borrowed from the 70s, but also earthy shades. Orange, green, pink, red, indigo, honey yellow, terracotta, sand, ocher… A whole palette of shades, sometimes soft, sometimes tangy, ideal for bringing elegance, warmth and cheerfulness to your interior. To succeed in combining them without a false note, the simplest thing is to focus on duos that work every time, such as indigo blue and moss green, honey yellow and magenta, or even orange and sand. Then all you have to do is increase the number of colorful reminders in your home. Carpets, curtains, wallpaper, candle holders, dishes, cushions... this time there are no rules, it's up to you to make the right choices. Let the decoration specialist in you express itself! You can also add a few touches of black or gold to your decor to give it a touch of chic and luxury at a low price.


On the design side, 2023 also has its share of trends. This year, the fashion is for graphic patterns, natural materials like wool, and XXL formats. We offer a selection of high-end rugs, made from wool and hand-woven, with a chic spirit and trendy aesthetic. Products designed by our designers in France, and available in several of our collections. These rugs are available in several sizes including 160 x 240 cm and 200 x 300 cm.

high-end contemporary rug with black and white patterns

The form

Another point to inevitably think about: the shape of the carpet. Depending on the configuration of your home and the desired effect, opt, for example, for a high-end, long rug that will visually lengthen the room. Another option: break up the too angular side of a space with a designer rug with a circular shape.

There’s a designer rug for every space

Now that you have a little more precise idea of ​​the style of carpet you want, its location is a very important factor to take into account for the final decision.

Entrance and corridors

If you want to dress up your entrance, choose a contemporary rug in jute or vinyl which will tend to be less damaged than woolly materials in this passageway. Style-wise, you can turn to warm and dark shades which will bring conviviality. Regarding dimensions, we recommend a rug measuring 60 x 90 cm or 70 x 140 cm for this small space.

The living room

If you want to modernize your living room, you can opt, depending on your desires, for an imposing rug, made from wool or velvet, and place it in the center of the room. You can also use it to visually structure spaces. To do this, simply place one directly under your sofa, and a second under your dining table. You will thus obtain two very distinct zones, and an atmosphere specific to each.

Our advice: pay attention to the dimensions of your rugs. If your living room is rather cramped, forget the XXL rug. This would make your living room seem even narrower than it appears. Conversely, if this space is large and your furniture is imposing, there is no question of going for a small rug. It will be completely invisible, drowned in the whole. In this case, you can totally succumb to the charms of 160 x 240 cm or even 200 x 290 cm rugs.

Rug with a Berber-inspired design from the Edito Paris brand

As said previously, the role of the rug is to demarcate the different spaces in a room and enhance the furniture. It must therefore remain proportional to the size of your living room and your decoration in general. Our advice to never go wrong: choose a rug whose surface area does not exceed a quarter of your living room. If, on the contrary, you want to make this product the central piece of the living room, choose a large rug that exceeds a little the width of your sofa. Be careful though that it is not too disproportionate!

Decorating idea: layering rugs.

Here is an original idea that allows you to keep your old decorative accessories while giving your interior a trendy and offbeat touch. To mix your carpets without misstep, concentrate on one or two predominant shades in order to maintain a certain harmony. You can vary the pleasures by layering several rugs of different sizes and shapes. This decision, audacious to say the least, allows you to give relief to a room, without adding many elements. Generally speaking, the rug is the accessory that changes everything in a decoration. Let your creativity speak, have fun, and the result will be even more beautiful!

The night rooms

For sleeping rooms, the advice to follow is almost the same as that for the living room, with the only difference that here, we favor fluffy, high-end materials such as wool or polypropylene, to accommodate the feet. gently from the moment you get out of bed, and the soft colors conducive to relaxation and falling asleep. For dimensions, we generally prefer rugs of 120 x 170 cm or 140 x 200 cm. You can then complete the decoration with accessories like soft cushions or beautiful curtains.

Hand-tufted rug from the Edito Paris brand

The water features

Although at first glance the carpet is not necessarily welcome in this type of space, it can be very useful in adding character. To do this, we choose a contemporary rug in natural materials or vinyl and let our creativity speak for itself in terms of style, provided, of course, that we opt for dark colors, such as burgundy, navy blue or black, just to subtly warm up the room. In terms of dimensions, this time it all depends on the size and layout of your bathroom or kitchen.

Zoom on our different collections

At Edito Paris, we are committed to responding, tailor-made, to everyone's needs and desires. This is why we have chosen to create several collections of rugs with very different influences.

The Antidote collection

To begin with, we developed “ Antidote ”, a line of designer products which draws its inspiration from Berber carpets from the tribes of North Africa. Their visual universe is very graphic, sometimes abstract, and their touches of color recall nature and take us on a journey to the ends of the world. These rugs are directly hand-drawn by our designers, in our Parisian studio, then woven in Belgium by manufacturers recognized for their passion and know-how. The patterns imagined by our team of designers are perfectly transcribed thanks to the use of high-end weaving machines.

The rugs in this high-end collection are made from Heatset fibers, a hypoallergenic material that is ultra soft, very durable, easy to maintain and well known for not linting. In short, all the advantages of wool, without the disadvantages. Believe us, our customers' allergies and feet thank us!

The entire “Antidote” collection is labeled “Confidence in textiles” and STANDARD 100 certified by Oeko-Tex. Two labels that guarantee workers in textile companies, retailers and customers the total absence of harmful substances in the products. A certain guarantee of quality and eco-responsibility for these products, the manufacture of which takes place in specialized workshops in Belgium.

Photo of a high-end rug from the Antidote collection

Finally, 2 sizes of rugs are available: 160 x 240 cm, and 200 x 300 cm. Perfect dimensions to cover the floor of a living room, an office or even a bedroom.

The Modern Kilim collection

Because at Edito Paris, we really like Berber carpets, a second collection is dedicated to them: “ Modern Kilim ”. It takes its name from one of the styles of woven and colorful rugs originating from North Africa. They were most often used, originally, as blankets or wall decorations.

For this line of rugs, we wanted, once again, to take up the oriental and unique aesthetic of Berber rugs while giving them a touch of modernity. We thus find, in this collection, high-end and colorful pieces, sometimes decorated with plant motifs, sometimes adorned with graphic and designer designs, worthy of the most beautiful luxury brands.

The creations from this trendy collection are all made in India, from 100% natural fibers and labeled “Care and Fare”, a label which aims to fight against illegal child labor in the carpet industry. It also improves the living conditions of weavers and their families, particularly in countries like Pakistan, India and Nepal.

Our advice for taking care of these rugs: vacuum them regularly, and clean them by hand, using carpet powder or a damp cloth in case of stains. For the rest, we recommend professional cleaning.

Regarding dimensions, our “Modern Kilim” rugs are available in sizes 120 x 170 cm, 140 x 200cm, and 160 x 230 cm. Ideal dimensions for covering the floor of a living room, bedroom, or even a covered terrace.

The premium wool collection

Next comes our collection of premium wool designer rugs . A line of modern, quality creations that our creative team took the time to design in France. Their added value: high-end manufacturing thanks to a composition based on 100% wool made in New Zealand. Another specificity: these rugs are entirely hand-tufted in India, and scrupulously respect the constraints of weight and density of the pile, for simply exceptional quality and unparalleled comfort for customers' feet.

Aesthetically, this collection combines the codes of the 70s, using bold colors like electric blue, burgundy and moss green, and those of current trends with strong and very graphic patterns. A mix of daring styles that play on contrasts, it's guaranteed to fall in love! In short, the ideal choice of high-end contemporary rug for a modern interior and a trendy floor.

contemporary wool rug from the Edito Paris brand

The designer vinyl rug collection

Penultimate collection and the least: our designer vinyl rugs at low prices . A selection of decorative accessories, imagined with passion by our team of designers, and French design, perfect for dressing the floors of bathrooms or your outdoor spaces. The manufacturing of these rugs is carried out by hand, in Germany, by artisans with unparalleled know-how. If you are a fan of natural prints, this collection will delight you with its imitation tiles, terrazzo, or even mosaic prints. This trendy collection draws its inspiration sometimes from the aesthetics of Moroccan villas, sometimes from that of historic Parisian bars with an art deco atmosphere, which gives it, upon arrival, this very singular spirit, worthy of the greatest brands.

The icing on the cake: these vinyl mats are very easy to maintain and UV resistant. A quick wipe and they regain their former beauty. A significant advantage which inevitably extends the life of these carpets, and which delights our customers. Several sizes are available in this collection: 60 x 90 cm, 80 x 140 cm, and 140 x 200 cm.

The outdoor rug collection

Who said that the place for rugs has to be inside, in the center of the house? We prove the opposite to you with our collection of rugs specially designed for outdoors . A selection of high-end rugs that are ultra-resistant to the passage of time and bad weather thanks to their polypropylene composition.

The manufacturing of this chic and modern line is carried out in Belgium for short circuit production. In terms of style, the soft, natural shades and modern shapes of the rugs go perfectly with a terrace or garden. An original and trendy way to highlight your exterior without risking making a mistake. For the more daring, you can even dare to wear this style of rug in your home, and why not even in the heart of your living room? As if nature had taken possession of your interior. If your decoration already revolves around plants, the effect will be even more successful.

Our advice not to overdo it: mix contemporary furniture with this style of botanically inspired pieces for a result that is both modern and fresh. You can even afford the luxury of adding a few plants and flowers, in order to further strengthen the plant side of the place. A true haven of peace just for you.

Designer outdoor rugs from the Edito Paris brand

Our entire collection of outdoor rugs is designed by renowned designers in France, then flat-woven by professionals in mechanical workshops in Belgium, for unprecedented quality and comfort. Three sizes are available for these contemporary accessories: 160 x 240 cm, 200 x 300 cm, and 240 cm x 330 cm.

Our prices

At Edito Paris, we decided a long time ago to offer our customers a wide range of rugs with a contemporary aesthetic, which adapt to all corners of the house, all decorations, and all desires. We have always been keen to highlight quality products, very often handmade, made from wool or other premium materials, ultra soft, hypoallergenic and/or very resistant.

We also work with passionate designers and creators to promote their know-how. The rugs are designed by a real creative team, tufted by hand, then they find their place in your bedroom or living room. This manufacturing process gives you superior quality creations that will last you a lifetime. A real luxury, when we see that after only a few months, the carpets of certain brands are already in a pitiful state.

living room rug from the Edito Paris brand

Our collections are also imagined during meetings where everyone gets involved. Everyone's opinions are not incidental, on the contrary, we even want our products to please as many people as possible, and this is why the entire team is listened to! That’s also what Edito Paris is all about.

What differentiates us from other brands is also that we have chosen to market eco-responsible rugs, and that obviously has a price. We are vigilant with regard to the materials used, the working conditions of the people with whom we collaborate, while paying attention to keeping intermediaries to a minimum, always with an eye to ecology. We also decided to create our rugs on demand, in order to avoid overstock, and therefore waste of materials, such as wool or polypropylene, which are so precious to us.

It is therefore for all these reasons that we charge these prices, which are, in our opinion, entirely justified.

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