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In addition to the line developed by its creator, Edito Paris has recently expanded its collections by enlisting the help of designers with a strong and unique universe.

For its first collaborations, Edito Paris has called on three artists whose boldness and talent it admires to design spaces of comfort. The challenge was to imagine a rug inspired by an everyday object.

The result was the Bibelot rug by Marine Peyre, the Ruban rug by Jean Couvreur, and the scarf rug - currently in production - by Piergil Fourquier.

Edito Paris is launching its Signature collection with BIBELOT, a rug created in collaboration with designer Marine Peyre.

Hand-tufted, this 100% New Zealand wool rug draws elegant, chiselled curves for a warm, contemporary interior, with a subtle seventies-inspired air.

Edito Paris has signed an exceptional collaboration with French designer Jean Couvreur: the Ruban rug.

This creation symbolises a perfect fusion of contemporary aesthetics and retro inspiration, while highlighting the knowledge and innovative spirit that has characterised Edito Paris since its creation.

To launch its first line of wallpapers, Edito has called on the virtuosity of Maxime Zemouli, designer of textile prints for major fashion brands such as Bash.

And how could we not succumb to the imagination of designer Ines Olympe Mercadal? With her, Edito Paris unveils a collection of leopard prints.

Papier peint Leopard noir et gris

The island of Menorca brings together the founders of IOM and Edito Paris: Ines-Olympe Mercadal has her roots there and Isabelle Desauty has a summer base.

The result is a limited edition of wallpapers that revisit the leopard print, a motif already widely used in interior design but often over-simplified or over-figurative. So Isabelle created a subtle watercolour version, while Inès-Olympe chose Ebene and Massai, exotic and refined colours that are close to her heart. Edito Paris designed the neo chic versions in savana red, ash and safari.

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