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Article: Top 5 rugs that go perfectly with minimalist decor

Top 5 des tapis qui se marient parfaitement avec une déco minimaliste

Top 5 rugs that go perfectly with minimalist decor

Born in the 60s and widely brought back into fashion for a while now, minimalism has established itself as the chic and timeless decor trend par excellence. If it is rather simple to find suitable furniture, choosing the carpet turns out to be a completely different matter. Here are 5 styles of rugs that are sure to go with this style of decor.

What is the minimalist trend?

No more bright colors, ultra-modern furniture or even overloaded interiors, today we're heading for minimalism. On the program: neutral colors, furniture with refined shapes, as well as decorative objects in natural materials. Here, linen, wood, rattan and sandstone are kings.

What we are looking for above all with this decoration is a certain return to basics. We want, in some way, to get closer to nature by integrating into our interior everything that could refer to the plant world, and by preferring natural colors such as off-white, beige, sand or even caramel.

Behind minimalism, there is also the need, for many, to clear the air around you (and in your head) in order to start off on the right foot. A tidy and refined interior, soothing shades, plants that bring a little life and a touch of pep brought by a colorful rug like the Pluriel Multicolore rug , nothing like it to give us a boost.

Minimalist decor and black and white rug: the winning combo

Whether you prefer a graphic version like our Eskiss designer rug , a plant-style one like the Dandelion rug , or even a marble imitation like our elegant Marble rug , the black and white rug is undoubtedly the best solution if you want to escape the stress at all costs. misstep.

To prevent this new piece from disrupting the overall coherence of your interior decor, you can add a few small touches of black here and there. A pretty dark stoneware vase, black door handles, dark table linens... You don't need much to reinforce the harmony of a room while enhancing it.

Minimalist decor and Berber carpet: a (d)astonishing mix of cultures

While minimalism comes from the United States and was imagined by renowned artists, Berber carpets originate from North Africa and are the result of traditions still very deeply rooted in nomadic populations. At first glance, everything separates them, and yet the combination of these two styles is simply breathtaking. So, mixing styles and cultures is always good!

What can sometimes be a little lacking in a minimalist decor is warmth and a touch of color. With its geometric and colorful patterns, the Berber carpet will bring conviviality, cheerfulness and a change of scenery to your interior. Our tip for these two worlds to coexist in the best possible way: choose a very graphic rug to stay modern, and avoid too bright colors.

Minimalist decor and gradient carpet: the perfect match

The main difficulty when wanting this type of decoration is not to fall into the spirit of a show house or laboratory. The neutral shades and the refined side of minimalist decor can quickly give the impression of a lack of life or personality. To break the tone, several solutions are available to you. Our favorite: the gradient rug. In its shape, it has everything of a classic rug and is therefore suitable for all spaces. Its originality generally comes from its color and/or patterns.

There are a multitude of degraded carpets. Some have linear color variations, others in touches of color, and still others in the form of waves. The latter is undoubtedly the trendiest version of all. In terms of colors, once again there is something for everyone. You can opt for a soft and gradual gradient, or on the contrary choose a sharper gradient to bring a unique style to your decor. The important thing is to stay in warm shades (beige, gold, brown, sand, etc.) to maintain the conviviality of a carpet and the purity of minimalism.

Minimalist decor and graphic rug: the safe bet

If there is one rug that suits every room and every interior, it's this one. With its geometric shapes and clean lines, the graphic rug makes your decoration modern and chic in an instant. Another advantage: it acts as a strong piece and is therefore (almost) sufficient in itself, perfect when you want a very light decor. To accessorize it, a few cream-colored designer poufs, a few floor cushions and that's it!

Minimalist decor and asymmetrical rug: the unexpected mix

When it comes to minimalist decor, we immediately think of large white or beige wool rugs, and classic, refined designs. What if for once we got away from this preconceived idea? Because minimalist doesn't mean boring, today we're daring with asymmetrical rugs! In order not to overcrowd the room, and to stay in the chic spirit that is so important to you, favor natural shades and simple patterns.

Another tip: give new life to rugs that you no longer use by layering them in the center of your living room or dining room. You will thus obtain a brand new original, asymmetrical and very trendy carpet for next to nothing. To best mix the rugs, choose pieces with soft colors and refined patterns.

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