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Article: What to combine a blue carpet with?

Avec quoi associer un tapis bleu ?

What to combine a blue carpet with?

The color of freedom, dreams and serenity, this year blue invites itself into our interiors. Sofa, vase, lamp, cushion, rug, bed set, it comes in all forms. Today, it is the ocean-colored carpet that we are interested in. What to combine it with to bring out its beauty? We answer you!

Which blue rug should you get?

There are obviously an infinite number of blue carpets... you still need to know which ones to choose for a trendy interior. Our advice: turn to rugs with a timeless aesthetic and high-end manufacturing. Our Pacifik Blue rug is inspired by the ocean, our blue Pluriel wool rug as well as our magnificent electric blue rug will undoubtedly delight you! Sometimes natural and mineral, sometimes contemporary and designer, each has its own graphic style and universe. They will find their perfect place in a bedroom, an office or even a living room. Once you have located the rug of your dreams, all you have to do is find what to match it with.

Blue and honey yellow: back to the 70s

Here is the trendiest color combination of the year. On the one hand, a cold, natural and relaxing shade. On the other, a shimmering shade, directly borrowed from the 70s and which is making a comeback in 2023. A duo of colors that appear very different at first glance but which ultimately match perfectly to create a modern, peppy and warm atmosphere! The advantage with this combination is that all blues work perfectly with honey yellow, as in the pattern of the storm blue Inclusion wool rug with a honey white background and its gold yellow edging. Azure, navy, horizon blue, petroleum blue, electric blue, opt for the color of the sea for any occasion.

The monochrome: the thousand and one shades of blue

If you want to avoid false notes in your decor, choose shades of blue. Lagoon blue curtains, an electric blue carpet, navy cushions, and, here and there, a few little touches of electric blue. It doesn't take more to make your interior chic, trendy, and soothing. To vary the pleasures, do not hesitate to also multiply the materials. Velvet, cotton gauze, wool or even denim, dare!

Electric blue and moss green: between sea and mountains

What if nature invited itself into your home? That’s a bit of the impression this fabulous combination of colors gives. The green of the forest and the deep blue of the ocean combine to give the perfect illusion of a winter garden by the sea. So we set our sights on an electric blue carpet, and lots of plants. You can also get rattan chairs, light wooden stools or even bamboo shelves to complete the look.

Blue and brown: the trend in its raw state

For a soft decor, opt for brown, rust or sand colored walls and touches of blue in your lush autumn wallpaper. A combination that works every time and which brings warmth, trend and serenity to all interiors. An electric blue rug on one side, a navy bedding set on the other, and that's it. To accentuate the soothing and natural side of the room, you can also choose furniture in wicker, rattan or even light wood. Also think about linen curtains, woven straw accessories and indoor plants!

Blue and pink: the unexpected duo

Ideal for a child's bedroom or an office, the blue and pink combination is undoubtedly the most unexpected of all, and yet it works miracles... you still have to find the right pairings. What works particularly well is the mixture of blue and pastel pink, petrol blue and coral pink or even pale pink and navy blue. You can then choose to play it safe with white walls and colorful decorative elements such as an electric blue carpet and a pastel pink vase or, on the contrary, prefer to be bold and place a coral pink corduroy armchair in front of a petrol blue wall.

Navy blue and light cold tones: the obvious match

For the more classic among us who still want to bring color to their interior, mix navy blue with light and cold shades such as white, ecru, gray or even taupe. As with the monochrome, with this association, there is no way to go wrong. You can even add a third shade to your decor like black or gold. It will bring just the little chic and modern side that was missing. This color combination is ideal for a living room or master bedroom.

For those who are a little more adventurous, you can replace the navy with electric blue. A vibrant and ultra-trendy shade that you won't soon get tired of. Our advice is to paint your walls white, then choose the one that will be colored blue. This could be the one behind the TV or the sofa for example. This technique allows you to delineate the structure of a room and give it character. Then, all you have to do is embellish your interior with trendy decor like an electric blue rug or a monochrome armchair.

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