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Article: How to choose the right living room rug?

Comment bien choisir son tapis de salon ?

How to choose the right living room rug?

How to choose the right living room rug? The living room par excellence, the living room is a space with a thousand uses. We spend evenings there with family, we welcome friends there to reset the world, and sometimes we even work remotely. Which rug should you choose to make this room warm and trendy? We tell you everything!


To welcome friends or family, but also because it is essential to feel good at home, we will happily opt for a cozy atmosphere. On the program: warm tones, soft lights, soft armchairs, fluffy pillows, and woolly rugs. And yes ! The rug has a lot to do with the ambiance of a room. To warm up the atmosphere in your living room, adopt a wool rug, like those in our Premium Wool collection . Pieces as soft as they are resistant.

When it comes to style, however, there are no rules to follow. It’s up to your tastes! If you want the rug to be in total harmony with the rest of your decor, opt for a minimalist aesthetic in neutral colors like our sublime Equivok designer rug . You can also opt for the monochrome option. An original way to integrate color into your interior without having to worry too much. In this case, opt for a rug in the same color as the rest of your furniture and/or walls. Among our favorite colorful rugs, we recommend our superb blue Pacifik rug or our beautiful gold and gray Vape rug.

On the contrary, if you want a stay with a unique, offbeat and marked decor, prefer a rug with character like our sublime storm blue Inclusion rug, or its electric blue version.


If your living room is rather cramped, forget the XXL rug. This would make your living room seem even narrower than it appears. Conversely, if this space is large and your furniture is imposing, there is no question of going with a small rug. It will be completely invisible, drowned in the whole.

Generally, the role of the rug is to demarcate the different spaces in a room and enhance the furniture. It must therefore be proportional to the size of your living room and your decoration in general. Our advice: choose a rug whose surface area does not exceed a quarter of your living room. If, on the contrary, you want to make your rug the central piece of the living room, choose a large rug that exceeds a little the width of your sofa. Be careful though that it is not too disproportionate!

Another point to think about: the shape of the carpet. Depending on the configuration of your living room and your desires, opt, for example, for a long rug which will visually lengthen the room. Another option: break up the too angular side of a space with a round rug. You can also vary the pleasures by layering several rugs of different sizes and shapes. This decision, audacious to say the least, allows you to give relief to a room, without adding many elements. Generally speaking, the rug is the accessory that changes everything in a decor. Let your creativity speak, have fun, and the result will be even more beautiful!


Just like for the sofa or the coffee table, purchasing a new rug is far from trivial. This is generally a fairly expensive investment and you often plan to keep it for years... but you still have to buy quality. A word of advice: choose wool. Soft, durable and trendy at the same time, this material quickly dresses up a floor that's a little too neutral without requiring a lot of maintenance. Spilled food, footprints, animal hair... Living room carpets often die hard! Easily remove stains using carpet powder, earthenware or even white vinegar.

The wool rug is particularly suitable for interiors likely to accommodate children. It is in fact both a very good thermal and sound insulator. The little ones will be able to play a little more calmly while keeping their feet warm. To ensure that your wool rug retains its natural fluffiness for a long time, we advise you to vacuum it regularly.

For animal lovers, finding a rug that is both pretty and suited to their lifestyle can sometimes be complicated. Set your sights on short pile rugs which are very resistant to scratches and time, and which will retain hair and dust much less than a shaggy rug. As for colors, the rule is simple: choose a dark rug if your little companion has dark hair and a light one otherwise. Our 2 designer and ultra-resistant favorites: our magnificent blue-gray Cosmos rug, as well as our superb Flow rug.

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