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Article: Which rug to choose for a decorative interior

Quel tapis choisir pour un intérieur déco

Which rug to choose for a decorative interior

Which rug to choose for a decorative interior?

All the decoration magazines will tell you: for a trendy interior, several rules must be respected. Learn to subtly mix patterns, colors, vary materials, pay attention to details... At Edito Paris, we have found another solution: favor carpet ! We will explain everything to you.


A true decorating essential, the rug is often used to enhance an interior in line with the trend. What if for once we elevated this mistress to the rank of magpie? The rug now steals the show from the designer sofa and the retro coffee table. In 2023, it wants to be colorful, printed, bold, like our sublime multi-colored Pluriel rug , or our graphic and contemporary Euclid rug .

In addition to bringing warmth, style and character to your interior, the rug visually demarcates spaces. Place it under the sofa to mark a relaxation area or under the dining room table to demarcate the dining area...

Last advantage of investing in a carpet: it is an excellent thermal insulator. If you choose a wool rug, it will tend to retain heat in winter. It will tend to warm the atmosphere, without increasing the heating. (Your wallet and your (cold) feet will thank you! Remove) The carpet is very effective in soundproofing a room. It is therefore an essential for a child's bedroom, a playroom or even a living room.


To bring originality and character to a room, thanks to a rug, several options are available to you. For example, you can place a rug where you least expect it. Kitchen, bathroom, hallway, office... It sneaks in everywhere. You can also take the idea even further by playing with contrasts. Lots of small round rugs to decorate a hallway, imitation tile rugs in the kitchen, wool rugs in the bathroom... Everything is possible! In the case of the bathroom, however, be sure to change the location of the carpet. It will be much better in the middle of the pie than when you get out of the shower.

Another idea: place your rugs at an angle. This technique allows you to give another dimension to your decor. You will gain space and something new, as if you had pushed the walls or moved. Don't hesitate to play on asymmetry, the volumes of your rooms, crooked angles, attics... All these particularities which can bring a lot of charm and singularity to your interior. Might as well exploit them! Choose, for example, a cozy and colorful rug to highlight your attic rooms.

You can also multiply the rugs and/or opt for layering to create an original and dynamic decoration, but be careful: be sure to vary the sizes. For the rest, let your creativity work. Mix prints, materials and colors as you wish.

Last option: use your rug as a headboard. So yes, said like that, it may seem very surprising, even weird, but make no mistake, it's very trendy! Instead of getting rid of a rug that you don't really know where to put, give it a second life. Fixing rods, imagination, and let's give your room a whole new style.


Just like fashion and design, decorating trends evolve every year. In 2023, natural materials, organic shapes and patterns, particularly lines and checks, are popular. In terms of colors, it's the big return of shades specific to the 70s. Orange, green, pink, red, indigo, or even honey yellow, a whole palette of colorful shades ideal for bringing warmth and cheerfulness to your interior. Choose your two favorite shades and add touches of color to your decor. A cushion here, a wall there, a colorful bedding set... Combinations that work every time: electric blue and moss green, as well as the marriage of honey yellow and brick red.

As for carpets, this year we're pulling out all the stops with graphic pies in light or earthy shades. It seems that at Edito Paris, we have had a hollow nose... Among all our rugs, several of them seem to tick all the boxes to be right on trend for 2023. This is particularly the case with our superb rug in natural Ksar jute, our sublime Terres rug or our sumptuous Myrro rug. Three pieces with a contemporary aesthetic, geometric lines and natural colors.

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