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Article: Wallpaper trends for modern interior design

Les tendances en matière de papiers peints pour une décoration d’intérieur moderne

Wallpaper trends for modern interior design

Wallpaper is an essential interior design element that can transform the look of a room in no time. For decades, wallpaper has been used to add color, style and texture to a variety of surfaces, from walls to ceilings to furniture. With technological advancements and design innovations, wallpaper has become more modern and versatile than ever. In this article, we will explore wallpaper trends for modern interior design.

1. Bold patterns

Bold patterns are back in force. The designs are larger and more elaborate and bring a touch of sophistication to the room. Geometric patterns, large-format flowers and graphic designs are particularly popular. Colors are also more vibrant, with unexpected combinations of hues and high contrasts. Our wallpaper with fern foliage in a contrasting electric blue and blood color is a perfect example.

2. Natural colors

Natural colors are a major trend in interior design in general, and wallpapers are no exception. Neutral shades like beige, gray and off-white are very popular. This is why we included them in our Monnaie de Pape wallpaper which comes in 5 different colors. Wallpapers in these shades create a warm and inviting ambiance.

3.  Designs inspired by nature

Nature-inspired designs are very popular for modern wallpapers. At Edito we love wallpapers with foliage patterns, the lush panoramic is proof of that. Also available in several colors, it fits perfectly with current trends in terms of wall decor. Natural colors are also popular for nature-inspired wallpapers. If you like this type of wallpaper, you will undoubtedly be charmed by our Green Ferns wallpaper.

4.  Abstract patterns

Abstract patterns are a growing trend in modern interior design. Abstract designs are often made up of geometric shapes, textures and bold colors. The Terracotta and Gold Abstract Thoughts wallpaper will add a touch of sophistication and modernity to a room.

5.  Tropical patterns

Tropical designs are very popular for modern wallpapers. Patterns of palm fronds, exotic birds and tropical flowers bring a fresh, holiday feel to a room. Bright, bold colors are also popular for tropical designs, with unexpected color combinations to create a striking effect. This is the bet of Banana Leaf wallpaper which, as its name suggests, takes up the design of banana leaves in pop and bold colors.

6. Vintage patterns

Vintage patterns are also a growing trend for modern wallpapers. Vintage designs often include delicate floral patterns, geometric checkerboard patterns, and Art Deco inspired patterns. Vintage colors, such as soft pastel tones and darker colors, are popular for these designs. The Hexagon wallpaper with its beige and kraft colors takes up vintage codes and will match any type of interior.

7.  Ecological materials

Eco-friendly designs are a big trend in modern interior design, and wallpapers are no exception. Eco-friendly wallpapers are made from sustainable and renewable materials. The inks used to print the designs are also eco-friendly. Eco-friendly wallpapers offer a sustainable alternative to traditional wallpapers.

With this in mind, all Edito wallpapers are designed in Paris and made in France.

The paper used is FSC (forest support council) certified. It is an environmental label which guarantees sustainable forest management.

Each print is scrupulously checked to guarantee impeccable quality and matching of the strips.

Edito produces its wallpapers to order, in order to avoid overstock and excessive production.

In conclusion, wallpaper trends for modern interior design are varied and creative. Bold designs, natural colors, nature-inspired patterns, abstract patterns, tropical patterns, vintage patterns, and eco-friendly materials all offer a variety of options for transforming a room into a unique and beautiful space.

Whether you're looking to add a touch of sophistication, freshness or comfort to your home, modern wallpapers can help you create the ambiance you're looking for.

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